Annual Conference

Because of the virus we have decided to postpone the 2020 WBTPA annual conference. We have decided to not schedule anything else for this year. Instead, we are looking ahead and scheduling for April 19th- 21st , 2021

The pre-conference will be on April 19th and the regular conference for April 20th and 21st of 2021.

CURRENT MEMBERS: For those who are in need of CEU’s for their renewal, we have decided to waive those requirements this year because the current extenuating circumstances in the world.

WANTING TO BE MEMBERS? : For those who want to be members and cannot find the appropriate trainings during this time, please email Kim Rossi for possible training opportunities:

  • TRAINING OPPORTUNITY: Darald Hanusa PH.D is considering offering a unique and valuable opportunity for those wish to facilitate Batterers Groups. This Certificate Program is a comprehensive series of six 1-day courses.  It is divided into two parts of three sessions each, separated by one month.  Focus is on core competencies, skills, and content development as outlined in the State of Wisconsin Batterer Treatment Standards.  This training is designed to fulfill the 40-hour training requirement for Batterer Certification through the Wisconsin Batterer Treatment Providers Association (WBTPA) and complies with the State of Wisconsin Male Batterer Treatment Standards. Depending upon the level of interest, this training could begin in the fall of 2020. See flyer below for more information


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