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WBTPA Membership FAQ’s

  1. How much does it cost to be a member of the WBTPA?
    1. The cost for a one year membership is $50. Memberships are renewed annually. A membership runs from June 1stthru May 31st
  2. What is included with my membership?
    1. Members are listed on our provider list, which they can distribute to referral sources, they are able to access the WBTPA blog site and share ideas with other providers. WBTPA members also get a discount to the yearly conference.
  3. What are the requirements to become a member?
    1. Fill out a new member application located on the website. In order to become a certified member you must have completed 40 hours of approved trainings in domestic violence and perpetrator services.  Facilitators who wish to lead a group alone must have supervised experience of group facilitation for one year and concurrent supervision during the first year of facilitating the batterer treatment groups.  To renew your membership each year you must complete a renewal application and need 12 approved CEU’s.
  4.  What does a “provisional membership” mean?
    1. A provisional membership is one in which the member has completed almost all of the requirements (training and observation). It can be applied for when completion of remaining requirements is expected within one year, and the applicant can demonstrate a need for a provisional membership. A provisional member is considered in good standing and able to practice as a WBTPA member, but must complete the membership requirements by the next membership year.
  5. How much is a provisional membership?
    1. A provisional membership is $50.

NEW MEMBERS: For those individuals submitting applications for the first time, the steering committee will review your application and get back to you with their determination when time allows.

TRAINING OPPORTUNITY: Darald Hanusa PH.D is considering offering a unique and valuable opportunity for those wish to facilitate Batterers Groups. This Certificate Program is a comprehensive series of six 1-day courses.  It is divided into two parts of three sessions each, separated by one month.  Focus is on core competencies, skills, and content development as outlined in the State of Wisconsin Batterer Treatment Standards.  This training is designed to fulfill the 40-hour training requirement for Batterer Certification through the Wisconsin Batterer Treatment Providers Association (WBTPA) and complies with the State of Wisconsin Male Batterer Treatment Standards. Depending upon the level of interest, this training could begin in the fall of 2020. See flyer below for more information

CURRENT MEMBERS: Since the 2020 WBTPA annual conference has been cancelled, the steering committee has decided to waive the annual CEU requirements. Go ahead and send in your renewal application.

Please join us for next years WBTPA annual conference!

April 21st-April 23rd of 2021

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