About Us

 The Wisconsin Batterers Treatment Provider Association (WBTPA) was formed to oversee the ongoing development and implementation of the State of Wisconsin Male Batterers Treatment Standards. These standards have been developed in collaboration with the membership of the WBTPA and the Wisconsin Department of Corrections, and have been endorsed by the Wisconsin Governor’s Council on Domestic Abuse. These standards address primary treatment approaches and practices currently recognized as the most appropriate treatment for male domestic violence abusers.


In keeping with the emphasis of End Domestic Abuse Wisconsin to promote social change that transforms societal attitudes, practices and policies to prevent and eliminate domestic abuse, the mission of WBTPA is to end domestic violence, including but not limited to physical, emotional, verbal, sexual, and economic abuse, as well as threats, intimidation, stalking, and social isolation of a partner.

The Steering Committee

Chair of the WBTPA: Darald Hanusa (E-mail )

Chair Elect:

Membership Chair: Lynn Hoornstra

Membership Chair Elect: Kim Rossi

Quality Assurance Chair: Todd Werner (E-mail)

Quality Assurance Chair Elect:

Education Chair: Pamela Nikodem

Education Chair Elect: Carla Jones

Recorder: Lee Shipway

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